Useful information

There is one simple principle that guide us in organizing pilgrimages for groups: we believe that every group is different. We do not simply run standard tours at standard prices, but rather each individual quote is tailored to the precise needs and requirements of the group leader. Of course, we are happy to suggest tours and itineraries and to offer advice in organizing your pilgrimage, but if you have some idea of what you would like to do, we aim to provide a quotation and itinerary that suits your needs. If practical considerations prevent us following your proposal to the letter, we will suggest a suitable alternative.

Where and how you choose to make a pilgrimage can take a lot of thought and planning. Some people like to organize plans as far as two years in advance, and others prefer to book only eight months in advance. In our experience we have found that those planning approximately a year in advance experience the most success in gathering their group together.

Generally we advise on having a minimum group of 25 group members to organize your pilgrimage, but we take groups as small as 7 persons to as large as 50 persons.

You can tell us when you would like to travel, even down to the exact date and time if you wish. We find that there is better availability if your chosen dates are not within the important feast days (Easter, Christmas), however if this is your preference then as long as you book early we should be able to organize your group.

At Christiana Tours we like to offer you the best price we can. As a rule, we provide the services on the territory of Romania (transportation, accommodation, meals etc) while the flight and travel insurance should be provided by a specialized agent in your home country according to your preference.

You can email your request to us for a quotation at any time. Please tell us when you would like to travel, how many people there are in your group, which are the most important sights that you want to include in your itinerary and we will do the rest.