Greece is fast becoming one of our most favoured pilgrimage destinations. You may choose to follow the path St Paul took and visit some of the many wonderful pilgrimage sites that can not be part of a single tour. Greece is a country where any pilgrim getting there once, would most surely want to get back. The beautiful monasteries of METEORA, ATHOS and TESALONIKI, the wonder working icons of the Mother of God – TINOS, SOUMELA, KEFALONIA, KATO XENIA, MALEVI, MEGA SPILEO, the relics of much loved saints – St. SPIRIDON in Corfu, St. DIMITRIOS in TEssaloniki, St. JOHN the Russian in Evvia, St. NEKTARIOS in Egina, St. DIONISIS in Zakyntos, St. GERASSIMOS in Kefalonia and places where well known spiritual fathers of the XX century lived – Fr. PAISIOS in Suroti, Fr. PORFIRIOS in Milesi, Fr. IAKOV TSALIKIS in Evvia.