Romania offers a rich choice of tourist attractions and pilgrimage experiences unique in Central-Eastern Europe: the world-famous Painted Monasteries in BUCOVINA, traditional villages and unique wooden churches in MARAMURES, intricate architectural style of OLTENIA monasteries, medieval towns in TRANSYLVANIA, beautiful castles in the majestic CARPATHIAN Mountains, the BLACK SEA resorts, the unique DANUBE DELTA, spas and much more. For the pilgrims looking for a spiritual journey, besides the visual experience in seeing UNESCO monuments or charming little churches in a beautiful scenery, the monasteries are the vivid example of the Christian Orthodox way of life and the chance to meet wonderful people.

“In the spiritual experience of pilgrimage those who have a weaker faith have the opportunity to strengthen it by seeing the stronger faith of others; those who have less patience get strength by observing the patience of others; those who pray shorter and more superficially are enriched and renewed by the fervent prayer of others.

During the pilgrimage others influence us. Similarly we influence others by the way we understand participation in pilgrimage. Generally pilgrims are thirsty for more spiritual life either because their parish or monastery can not always give it to them, or because they have became over accustomed to these places. Pilgrimage goes against the routine. Pilgrimage becomes a source of inner joy and peace and an opportunity for spiritual enrichment when prayer vigil, confession, communion and spiritual dialogue with other pilgrims are a part of it.”

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania